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Eight minds, eight ways

My name is Stéphanie, I am French, living in Switzerland. Since March 2010, I am an activist against the death penalty and try to support death row inmates the best I can.The Texas justice has executed a very close friend of mine, Michael, and several hours before he gave his last breath, I promised him that the fight would go on.Since that day, and in his memory, I do my best to keep my promise to him. My goal in life now is to fight against the death penalty and any injustices in the world. I have now joined the support group of Debra Milke, I have a new penpal on Texas death row and I try to support, in different ways, other wrongfully convicted inmates who  have received the death sentence. It is a hard fight, but as my friend Michael used to say: “It is a fight that can’t be won overnight, but it is worth the fight”. I used to consider myself as a powerless person, but thanks to Michael, I learned that, if we want to change things, we all have, inside of us, the power to do it.Because of my perseverance, I managed to organize a signature collect for Debra’s petition and to get an article published in an important Swiss newspaper. Of course, these are small steps but they can make a difference.All of us have the power to organize such things and all of us have the power to save lives, or at least, to try.I believe in the human nature and I believe that all together, we can change the world.All together we can stop the injustices of every kind: judicial, political, social etc… If we all come as one, we can be the change, the change that the world needs.We might lose a battle but we will never lose the war.

My name is Vivi and I’m a Swedish university student, in spring 2014 I'll get my social work degree. I’m very interested in young offenders and succesful rehablitation and reintegration for offenders. My interest for offenders, prison conditions and penal systems started at a very young age and now it occupys most of my free time. I’m a dedicated anti-death penalty activist and work actively for a humane and improved correctional system in the USA. I have been writing prisoners for three years, and at today’s date (December 2011) I’m currently in touch with over 40 prisoners all over the US.